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Monday, May 8

Moms Rise Up!

In American culture today a large amount of ink and lip service is paid to the issue of motherhood; this blog not excluded. The Today Show just this morning reported on yet another book "This Is How We Do It: The Working Mother's Manifesto," by Carol Evans, all while running conflicting perspectives from stay-at-home and working mothers which interestingly enough has no relevance to the book's premise that helps working mothers organize by providing tips; alas the media driven mythological divide continues. Even though text and visual representations through interviews and opinionated journalism pieces get seen and heard they rarely ever facilitate actual policy change. is working to bring attention to the issues mothers and fathers face in general and when entering the workforce. Individuals can go to their website and sign a petition promoting family-friendly policies and get information on maternity and paternity leave, open flexible work, t.v. and after school programs, health care for all kids, excellent childcare, and realistic and fair living wages.
It is estimated that over 70% of mothers work in some capacity either part-time or full-time outside the home with the estimate excluding those mothers who work from home. These statistics are relevant but also reflect the notion that mothering is not work. Mothers work 100% of the time whether they are working outside of the home or in the home as a stay-at-home mom. The media, with this never ending idealization of specific kinds of mothers and maternal behavior, including the ceaseless advice, suggest that there exists agreed upon norms. Even if we as individual mothers believe these iconic representations to be proposterous, we assume we will be judged and criticized harshly by not abiding by them. Currently the dialogue remains situated around mothers. Family-friendly policies insinuates that parenting is a partnership and brings much needed attention to the benefits of eradicating stigmas attached to both stay-at-home and working mothers by approaching parenting in a new dimension.
Please go to and give your support for the implimentation of family-friendly policies.


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