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Saturday, June 17

Crib Escape

T-Bone, as my good friend loves to call him, managed to climb out of his crib this morning. He will be officially seven months old on June 29th. My husband and I were watching him during a nap on Friday and decided we should probably drop his crib mattress down to the lowest level, due to a new discovery. Just standing in his crib was clearly not enough, he had to figure out there was a way to get over the edge and escape. I put socks on him last night so he couldn't get any traction and the bar comes up to his chest anyway. We thought we had at least one more day. Alas, I walked upstairs to get him this morning and there he was crawling around the landing, laughing and smiling, so utterly proud of himself.

On a complete digression, check out the article in the New York Times today.......According to this article it doesn't matter if you breastfeed your son because genetically they are predisposed to all kinds of illness and disease, solely due to their sex. Always nature verses nurture!


At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Kate said...

Wow. My daughter is just a month younger, but she is no where near as mobile. You've really got your hands full there.

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