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Thursday, June 1

Family Vacation

My husband, sixth month old son, and I are heading to the beach today for our first family vacation. Traveling with an infant presents its own set of complicated matters, but going to the beach for a week with a husband who is a self professed sand hater is another entire issue. As I embark on my two days of preparation I can only fixate on the piles of research just sitting on my office desk. The clorox is permeating my nose and the dogs are spending a play day outside in the hot southern sun. As many mothers do, whether they consider themselves feminists or not, I have the same conflict on a regular basis. My desire to have things in their place before I can resume work on my masters thesis has been a slight hinderance and a justifing model of procrastination. How do you as a mother balance all those responsibilities that become part of a daily routine of childcare, house organization, day to day needs like what to get out for dinner, paying the bills, feeding the dogs, feeding yourself, showering, answering the phone, and checking e-mail with finding time to sit down read, write, and think? The answer is simple and has been voiced on a number of occasions by a number of people. Get the men to pick up more slack! Thank goodness for me, my husband is a teacher and has the summers off. One would assume this means he has more time to "pick up the slack." Unfortunately, these things do not occur to him on a daily basis so between making to-do lists and requesting a stretch of time each day to sit at my computer while daddy duty takes over, runs smoothly at times and not so smoothly other times. On occasion I will be faced with a crying infant who doesn't want to play on his play mat anylonger and a daddy who believes in a fit of frustration that he just wants his mommy or sometimes daddy will get bored and bring the little one up to the office to say hi. What is this disparity? I've tried to analyze, conceptualize, and logistically determine the ways in which this dynamic plays out. I awake each day committing myself to at least two hours of work time, and each day I get nothing done. So this vacation at the beach..........I packed a bag full of books and legal pads in which to make notes thinking that there will be no distractions around the house and daddy will having no lawn to mow. I'll report back and let you know if I completed my goal.


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