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Friday, July 7

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm!

There are a couple of items today that have made me squint my eyes and go hmmmm. There is a new word that has been added to the Merriam Webster dictionary. "Himbo" is the masculine counterpart to "Bimbo" and is defined as "an attractive but vaucuous man." I clearly did not get the memo that "Bimbo" was an actual term denoting an actual person, and not a reference to a specific stereotype of female. I guess the bimbos of the world would be pleased now that they have a male counterpart so the discription is less gender biased, right? Instead of deconstucting the stereotype and realizing the stereotype's purpose, we have now legitmized it. Great!

Good to know as well that Brittney isn't the only mom who makes mistakes. Gee that's a shocker. Moms make mistakes? That word 'mistake' is so interesting. If anyone has the check list for proper mothering could you please send it to me, I am without and thus making 'mistakes'.

My third and final question of the day is; why do men at the gym have to look at my crotch when I'm stretching? I don't get this. I prefer to wear sweat pants to the gym so it's not like you can catch a glimpes of anything but nevertheless, I bend over to stretch and any man within a eight to ten foot radius must look at my crotch. Is it involuntary? Do they know they are doing it? I've battled various methods on handling such glances and none work. I guess I don't understand the enchantment of a clothed anonymous crotch.


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