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Wednesday, September 13

Second Hand Smoke

We went for a recent visit to the pediatrician and because I'm involved in an ongoing battle over my child's exposure to second hand smoke, I enlisted the help of my child's doctor in handling this sensitive issue. I say sensitive because my husband's parents smoke...........quite a large amount and they smoke in their house and in their cars. They believe or they are in denial that if the smoke is not directly blown in the location of the child then its harmless. We have never had this discussion as of yet, which is my fault, but I feel if they thought differently they would not step away from him and smoke when outdoors or just refrain from smoking in the house when the kids are there. My sister-in-law also has issues with this as her two children were plagued with ear infections early on. I had heard that second hand smoke was a leading cause of ear infections in children so I asked our pediatrician if a child that was not already suceptable to them would get them from second hand smoke alone or would the smoke exacerbate an issue already dormant? She stated to me that it could be both so I spoke to her about how to approach this issue with my in-laws. As of now I have to restrict his time there and he is not allowed or never will be allowed to spend the night over there. The house is a smoke factory and all of us smell like it when we leave. Everyone in the family takes issue but no one says anything about it, and continues to let their kids spend nights and weekends over there at the expense of their health. Our doctor gave me a print out that is easy to read that I could give to them. It evolved from the Surgeon General's report on second hand smoke and I find it very informative without being too jargony. I believe the first step is to submit this information to my husband so we can come to an agreement on how to handle the situation. If anyone has any suggestions on how to handle this issue please share as surprisingly enough issues such as this are family sensitive.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Good luck- my grandparents smoked, and still do, and I remember I hated visiting them because of that. As a kid, I'd cough a lot in a really pointed way, but they just thought it was rude. This was before second hand smoke was understood to the degree it is today though, so I hope that with your doctor's help, and the support of the rest of your family, you'll be successful!

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Kate said...

I could use some help on this issue too!

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